Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blog created!


This message innaugurates this blog, where I will be posting my reviews of sci-fi books. Why sci-fi books, you ask? I have been an avid reader for many years, and decided almost a decade ago that I would start sharing my opinions with the world.
For the past decade I have just posted them on forums and scattered pages, and now I will be compiling all my previous reviews here, and from now on will also only be posting here every new review.

During the next few days I will transfer my previous reviews into this blog. I have averaged 10 book reviews per year, since I only review a book if I have read it entirely. Since my professional life is very hectic, even that has been difficult to maintain...

I hope my reviews provide some useful tips on books you might want to read or purchase as gifts. They might also prevent you from buying books that you may not enjoy...


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